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Future Shock

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"Explosive ... brilliantly formulated."

    The Wall Street Journal

"A spectacular outcrop of a formidable, organized intellectual effort."

    Manchester Guardian

"Packed with ideas, explanations, constructive suggestions ... Revealing, exciting, encouraging, brilliant."

    The Christian Science Monitor

"Immensely readable."


"Alvin Toffler has sent something of a shock-wave through Western society."

    London Daily Express

"The best study of our times that I know ... Of all the books that I have read in the last 20 years, it is by far the one that has taught me the most."

    Le Figaro

"To the elite ... who often get committed to age-old institutions or material goals alone, let Toffler's Future Shock be a lesson and a warning."

    The Times of India

"An American book that will ... reshape our thinking ... The book is more than a book, and it will do more than send reviewers raving ... It is a spectacular outcrop of a formidable, organized intellectual effort ... For the first time in history scientists are marrying the insights of artists, poets, dramatists, and novelists to statistical analysis and operational research. The two cultures have met and are being merged. Alvin Toffler is one of the first exhilarating, liberating results."

    Manchester Guardian

The Third Wave

"A magnificent piece of work ... Toffler sweeps across space and time to integrate an astonishing array of information -- from family life to microbiology -- into a theory of history ... Lest anyone suspect otherwise, this is a rave review."

    Washington Post

"Toffler's vision is imperishable fresh ... an indispensable road map for the present and the future."

   Business Week

"Will mesmerize readers, and rightly so."


"Alvin Toffler ... has written another blockbuster... A powerful book."

    Manchester Guardian

"Toffler has imagination and an ability to think of various future possibilities by transcending prevailing values, assumptions and myths."

    Associated Press

"Rich, stimulating and basically optimistic ... Will unquestionably aid many to a greater understanding of [today's] puzzling social changes."

   Toronto Globe & Mail

"Destined to become another contemporary classic like its predecessor Future Shock ... Toffler has again proven that he is a master ... a unique author who in less than ten years has produced two books that will become classics, both with fresh ideas, clearly explained."

    United Press International

"Must reading for investors ... Understanding the concepts and visions of this extraordinary book will be as important ... in the 1980s as Toffler's earlier seminal work, Future Shock, was to understanding the 1970s."

    Financial World

"A detailed breathtakingly bold projection of the social changes required if we are to survive ... Toffler's vision of a democratic, self-sustaining utopia is a brave alternative to recent grim warnings."


"An extraordinary synthesis ... Toffler is situated far from all ideology and all scientific prophecy, which gives his a remarkable point of view ... Read this book: It is invigorating."

    Le Figaro

"Once you have walked into his version of the future, you may decide never again to whitewash some of the built-in frailties of the real present."

    Toronto Financial Post

"A seminal work destined to take its place alongside those fictional crystal balls -- Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World ... Toffler is no small-scale thinker ... his book is bursting with ideas."

    John Barkham Reviews

"Scholarly observers .. call his synthesis 'original,' a 'grand tableau,' and 'courageous' ... [among] information professionals ... none we have surveyed could think of anyone else who has reached as far or emcompassed as much of the new technologies and their impact."

    Information World

"Unquestionably a major work -- highly entertaining ... The strengths of the book are its wide horizons, its ability to synthesize, its riveting argument, its keen insight into new developments and its courageous speculation."

    Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Zurich

"It's not very often that a book comes along that shakes up your assumptions about the whole world and how it works. Alvin Toffler's The Third Wave is that kind of book ... imaginative and ... brilliant."

    Environmental Action


"An insightful guide to a bewildering present and a frightening future ... thought-provoking on every page."


"[A] sweeping synthesis ... by placing the accelerated changes of our current information age in the larger perspective of history, Mr. Toffler helps us to face the future with less wariness and more understanding."

   New York Times Book Review

"Thoroughly researched ... brilliantly reasoned ... lucidly presented. This is exciting reading -- and vitally important."


"He has kept intact the faculty of astonishment ... an enormous intellectual investment ... a ferocious energy ... a rare evidence of honesty."

    Le Monde

"A true intellectual with the style of a poet ... reshaping the consciousness that our epoch takes of itself."

    Le Figaro

"Thoroughly researched ... brilliantly reasoned ... lucidly presented ... Powershift is a sophisticated synthesis ... that takes a breathtaking, encyclopedic look at the future ... This is exciting reading - and vitally important."


Will certainly have an impact, and a broadly positive one at that."

    New Statesman and Society

War and Anti-War

"Extraordinary ... a head-spinning glimpse of things to come."

   Washington Post

"A chilling look at possible future wars ... the Tofflers sketch a preventive strategy for peace."

   Publishers Weekly

"Lucid and alarming ... Challenges many of the assumptions of those policy makers who envisage a 'New World Order'."

    San Francisco Chronicle

Creating a New Civilization CREATING A NEW CIVILIZATION

"[An] influential manifesto."

   New York Times

"A slim anthology ... [that] became a best-seller."

    The New Republic

"A conceptual framework for the information revolution."

   Government Executive

"A look at how citizen empowerment can transcend political parties and ideological loyalties."

   Rocky Mountain News

"Succeeds in portraying the Third Wave future as the welcome and natural result of human evolution."

   Harvard Journal of Law & Technology